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Less is More

I was recently approached by the guys over at Bexar Goods Co. to frame a couple of their incredible canvas prints that they had captured on trips testing their handmade bags and satchels.

Not wanting to take anything away from the photography or incredible colors I decided to keep it simple.

These frames are made from Solid American Black Walnut and are simply finished with mineral oil. They are built to over lay the pictures while sitting flat against the wall.

No fancy molding or router work is evident as we wanted the walnut to speak for itself. And we think it does.








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One in a million?

A couple months ago Josef had seen a desk he wanted online, however his new home only offered a layout that would accommodate half of that desk. Wanting to explore the idea of making one himself he searched the popular tag”woodworking” in the Instagram hash tag search.

Luckily one of my posts was in the top row.

He clicked it and shortly after seeing a project of mine we were corresponding through email to design and build his perfect desk. A 6 foot long and 20 inch wide desk to fit perfectly in his study that would accommodate his computer and illustration tools.

We decided on a set of triple raw steel rod iron legs and walnut. But not just any walnut, 8/4 walnut (2 inch thick). This walnut ended up having an incredible variety of colors and textures through out the 3 boards which were eventually cut up and rearranged into the perfect sequence. The desk was finished in multiple coats of wipe on poly urethane for durability and a deep satin finish. Josef was very happy upon delivery, and that makes me very happy. Can’t wait to build another!

IMG_1222_2IMG_1206 IMG_1209 IMG_1208_2  IMG_1192 IMG_1188_2 IMG_1181_2

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The guy at the mill told me these were trash, I disagreed.

A couple years ago I stumbled upon a lumber mill that specialized in reclaimed wood and custom milling. After looking around and finding some incredible reclaimed offerings (most of which I couldn’t afford), I saw a pile of wood chips surrounded by sun bleached soda bottles and crumpled paper. But this wasn’t any pile of wood chips, through the pile I could see a few live edge cut offs peeking through. Texas mesquite cutoffs. At least 8 of them. 

I asked the mill operator if they were for sale. He laughed, and asked why I would want that trash, I politely smiled and replied, “for some projects”. One of those projects is shown here, the other one received the same treatment and is now in my living room. I have one more lying around that will receive the same process when I find an interested buyer. 

One day I will go back and see if I can find the rest of the so called trash, but for now enjoy the Texas Mesquite goodness that has been brought back to life. 

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A stylish way to avoid bike theft

A couple weeks ago I moved into a new apartment complex and I brought a few of my bikes with me. A couple of them had to go outside while we figured out our furniture arrangement and how we would decorate. During this time I had the bikes locked underneath the building, inside of a caged area, with 2 bike locks going through both bikes. Unfortunately a few days later the super thick cable locks I had used to lock up my beloved bikes had been cut through, leaving me with a pile of useless wires. My bikes were gone, just like that.

The Elevate Bike Rack is not only a great way to display your vintage restoration or your carbon TT bike, but another great alternative to preventing theft. In most apartment complexes or small homes you are limited to storing your bike against a wall inside (which you will undoubtably run into and knock over), on your balcony (subject to bad weather and the sun), or a bike rack which is basically a theft magnet and lets them know exactly where to look.  With the Elevate Bike Rack you can utilize any vertical surface in your home whether that be brick, cement, drywall, plaster or steel to mount your bicycle inside safe from the elements and bad people. And when it is time to uninstall the bike rack you are left with 2 small pen size holes. 

Even though moving to a better part of town made me feel safer and like I could leave my bikes chained outside, I will only keep them indoors for now. My road bike is now perched about our murphy bed in the living room. Not only does it look great, but its super functional as well. 

Elevate Bike Racks are hand crafted in San Antonio Texas from the finest hardwoods and lumber available. We have multiple models to choose from that will be sure to accommodate your budget as well as the interior of your home. Installation is easy and anyone with basic tools can do the job (maybe call a friend over to help!).


My road bike sitting comfortably above our murphy bed. Mounting into any surface is possible and very easy, even this concrete!

My road bike sitting comfortably above our murphy bed. Mounting into any surface is possible and very easy, even this concrete!

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Customer pictures are the best!

Here is a customer picture sent to us utilizing the 12″ walnut Elevate bike rack! A great modern way to store your bicycle in any room in the house! A very simple install that even those with limited tool experience can do! 


customer picture




Wardrobe I just built utilizing 1″ piping, stained pine, and steel casters.

Works great for living spaces with limited storage space!







Walnut and Steel

 Walnut and Steel coffee table we just finished for a customer

This piece measures in at 24x48x16″ and is constructed from a walnut glue up top and 1×3 steel legs












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New products!

New products!

Walnut magnetic bottle openers are now on the site, as well as some other cool products.

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